ioana lupascu

axonometric view

ANTIPAVILION is a project that plays with the idea of ownership. The constant dwelling between what we want, what we need and ultimately what we can realistically acquire.

The structure is a space of exploration, an invitation to play.

The journey down is where an interplay of outside/inside begins. When you slide, you can only see the garden in the middle. When you stop to turn the corner, you see the city around you through an opening in the wall. 

In many ways the experience of this space is similar to the way we experience our need for space as a home. We are tempted to have more, but slowly come to terms that maybe less is enough - that the essence is not necessarily the number of square meters owned but the quality of common spaces.

Structure to be made from leftover site materials. Painted plywood with a timber structure. The tower can be built separately and mounted on site. 


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