ioana lupascu

artist based in rotterdam
working at the intersection of art
architecture and design


Ioana Lupascu is a multifaceted designer interested in the poetics of space, graphic form, practices of togetherness and emergent play. 

Graduate of UAUIM (RO) MA & BA in Architecture ,her thesis ‘The concept of Limit. Waterfront Revitalisation in Post-Industrial Cities’ explored the spatial and theoretical framework of the limit as a transitory space. 

Since 2014 Ioana has been collaborating with London based Walala Studio on a wide range of local and international projects - most notably the interior design for ‘House of Dots’ Walala x LEGO in London, 2020. She built her extensive experience in exhibition design and creative production with London Design Fair, recent work including Material of the Year Pavilions, ‘Biomaterials: Second Yield’, 2019, 'Plastic: Beyond the Chipper’, 2018. 

Ioana's versatile practice across the creative industries has also led her to work with multi-disciplinary teams on new media, spatial and interaction design projects for fashion brands, architectural studios and media consultancies; including Matches Fashion, Google with Hirsch and Mann, and the relocation of the Cartoon Museum to Soho London with Sam Jacob Studio.

Ioana trained with ‘European School for Urban Games: Trust in Play’ Amsterdam branch, she is a member of Time Window Collective and Seasonal Neighbours, she is proud to have been shortlisted for Strelka - The Terraforming in Moscow. 

Unbounded by a medium, Ioana pursues a trans-disciplinary approach that enriches all facets of her practice.


2022 MA Critical Theory and Art Praxis, The Dutch Art Institute, Artez, Arnhem

2020 Independent Trainee, ‘European School for Urban Games: Trust in Play’, Amsterdam Branch

2014 RIBA II, MA Architecture, ‘Ion Mincu’ University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest

2012 RIBA I, BA Architecture, ‘Ion Mincu’ University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest



2020, PlaceCity featured in Cooperative City in Dialogue - Placemaking tools to tackle winter and pandemic regulations.

2019,  Narrative Environments: Concept and Production , Un_conference, ‘European School for Urban Games: Trust in Play’, Athens


2019 ‘Wasted Joules', London Design Fair, London, UK

2019 ‘Untold Stories - Marks on Paper’, Playground London, London, UK


2019 'Queering the Art Classroom' Collaborator, Sutton House, London, UK

2019 'Untold Stories - Marks on Paper', Riposte Social, London, UK

2018 Polaroid, 180 camp headquarters, Abrantes, Portugal

2017 Ante-Pavilion, Hoxton Docks London, UK

2015 'Collective' Visual Playground, Bucharest, Romania

2014 'What am I afraid of?' Visual Playground, Bucharest, Romania

2014 'Obiectiv', F64, Bucharest, Romania


Sense Worldwide, Praline Design, London Design Fair, Walala Studio, Puck Studio, Collective Works, Katie Fotis, Patternity, Hirschandmann, Sam Jacob Studio, Broadwick Live, Matches Fashion, Adidas, A New Direction

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