ioana lupascu

artist based in rotterdam
working at the intersection of art
architecture and design

2021  πŸ“˜

at the edge of the garden there is a promise and the horizon holding the end of day

The work explores the permeability of memory, forms of archiving by repetition, the notion of home at a distance, and listening as central themes. 

The first iteration was shared at Dutch Art Institute during the reflection on practice at Performance Art Forum, St Erme, France.  It took the form of a facilitated walking workshop.

The research was later developed into a self-published booklet. You can find a copy at Kiosk Rotterdam.

*Funded by CBK Rotterdam, PPR Grant 2021.



text extract 

chapter 1 - closer apart 

during communism, romania underwent an intense process of systematization. the meandering urban fabric, with low-rise houses and curved streets, was fragmented by new, wide Modern boulevards. houses, one by one, were demolished. trees cut, dogs lost, families displaced. 

new over history, new over matter, new over....a waiting game….. 

on a friday morning in 1987, a block of apartments stretching over 100 meters was split in half on the vertical axis. the two sections were lifted on hydraulic presses and veered on train tracks in opposite directions, residents still in the building. some are witnessing the spectacle of transmutation from their balcony. others test the disturbance by placing a glass of water on the edge of the bannister. no spill on this 55-meter diagonal journey.

the boulevard awaits the fracture of the split block. the initial plan was demolition, its chosen future was an act of translation, a slight disposition. 

dear house, how do we part ways together?


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