ioana lupascu

artist based in rotterdam
working at the intersection of art
architecture and design

The sun is too bright and I think about all the water I would have to drink to stay hydrated. I settle for a coffee instead.

There is a green hexagonal metal shed in the middle of the square, it’s called Quiosque República. I order an espresso and show too much teeth to express my gratitude. It’s mid summer and I’m in Abrantes, Portugal. It's the last day of a weeks of creative workshops. Four rolls of film I brought along sit unused at the bottom of my canvas bag. Another shot of coffee, I feel I am Road Runner's humanoid half sibling. 

Up and down the streets I chase shadows through the viewfinder of my camera. There is barely a person around, for a second I wonder if I am still in my bed and this is a lucid dream. I pinch my left elbow, maybe it's just the sun playing games with me. The day fades away and so do my film rolls. There are two left but I have again found my joy for shooting on film.

Back at Quiosque República, I do my farewells in silence with one last espresso.

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