ioana lupascu

The sun is too bright and I think about all the water I would have to drink to stay hydrated. I settle for a coffee instead.

There is a green hexagonal metal shed in the middle of the square, it’s called Quiosque República. I order an espresso and show too much teeth to express my gratitude for this beverage.

It’s mid summer and I’m in Abrantes, Portugal at a creative camp. It's the last day of the workshop and the four rolls of film I brought along seem to have grown eyes that stare at me from the crevice of my bag. Another shot of coffee and I feel I have Road Runner’s speeding legs,‘Beep, Beep!’ I'm on a hunt for compositions. 

Up and down the streets chasing shadows through the viewfinder of my camera. There is barely a person around, for a second I wonder if I am still in my bed and this is a lucid dream. I pinch my left elbow, maybe it's just the sun playing games with me.The day fades away and so does the grimace on the film rolls. There are two left but they know that I have again found my joy for shooting on film.

Back at Quiosque República, I do my farewells in silence, and have one last espresso.


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