ioana lupascu

artist based in rotterdam
working at the intersection of art
architecture and design

Poster handed out at exhibition launch. 


How can artefacts tell stories about alternative futures?

Wasted Joules are compostable jewellery made from domestic ingredients; water, flour, salt and starch. The project challenges the idea of preciousness rooted in durability and capital gain. The value instead resides in the process of making, wearing and then composting the pieces — an active misuse of excess energy.

I developed the idea during the EU funded workshop MaDe (Material Designers) in Barcelona, where I was selected as one of twenty designers to explore the concept of perishable social objects.

The jewellery collection was launched at London Design Fair (2019) along with an exhibition and a series of workshops.


Graphic identity for exhibition designed with the help of Studio Antonia Hubert. 

Photoshoot in collaboration with art director Katie Fotis, photographer Richard Round Turner and hand models, Noemi Gunea and Farid Fakhre.

Exhibition design concept.

Exhibition launch at London Design Fair 2019

Exhibition launch at London Design Fair 2019

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