ioana lupascu

artist based in rotterdam
working at the intersection of art
architecture and design

Ioana Lupascu x Maximiliaan Royakkers x Claire Chassot

Exhibition Design for "Our invisible hands" at Z33 House for Contemporary Art, Design & Architecture, Hasselt, BE.

Ioana Lupascu x Yacinth Pos

Seeds at the Table.

exhibition set-up at Z33, BE. 

Seeds at the Table

Seeds at the Table is a meandering conversation between artists Ioana Lupașcu and Yacinth Pos, and seasonal workers at a place of arrival (the Netherlands) and a place of departure (Romania). The dialogue touches upon recipes from home, ways of cooking with weeds, cultural exchange, working conditions, and other personal stories. The project manifests itself in a dinner intervention, an audio-walk, and a publication that dives deeper into the process.

I am looking at her looking at them looking at me, 60’ 🚶🎧

This audio walk - part fiction, part fact, part memories and abstractions - is set between Romania and the Netherlands, as well as the places the listener walks through as they listen to the three sonic chapters. I was interested in how stories of seasonal work abroad give shape to the landscape, the architecture, the habits, the food and the conversations in the village of my childhood summers. It might sound personal, but it is definitely not uncommon.

Sound composition: Maoyi (Peixuan Qiu)Translation and dutch voice: Hannah Kalverda with support from Z33
 Concept & text: Ioana Lupascu

A very special thank you goes to my mom, Mihaela for sharing this journey and insights with me, as well as the friends, neighbours, strangers that shared their stories at the table with us in Țibucani and aboard. Yacinth Pos, I am deeply thankful for our inspiring collaboration! 
Made possible by a grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL

Seasonal Neighbours, is a loose-fixed collective researching different forms of seasonality and cohabitation in Europe’s countryside. At the moment it takes the form of an international 16-member collective: Karolina Michalik (PL), Claire Chassot (FR/CH), dallas collectif (Salomon and Camille) (FR/BE), Vanessa Brazeau (CA), Anastasia Eggers (GE/R), Mona Thijs (BE), Ewoud Vermote (BE), Ioana Lupașcu (RO), Ines Marita Schaerer (CH), Ode Windels (BE), Pia Jacques (BE), Yacinth Pos (NL), Jonathan de Maeyer (BE), Maximiliaan Royakkers (BE) and Ciel Grommen (BE).

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