ioana lupascu

artist based in rotterdam
working at the intersection of art
architecture and design

2022  πŸšΆπŸŽ§πŸšΆ

(un)mother tongue echos loud echos loud, audio (11:31 min)

Words become sounds, indulgent repetitions and echoes out of place, reverberation take over interweaving meaning. What is language at the edge? Can language feel misplaced in its mother tongue? 

The original score was written by Gabi Dao; this was further explored by the two of us by spending time together crafting with materials, jam sessions and performative readings.The result is a playful interaction at the fringes of conventional meaning.  

A series of geological objects made from salt, starch and papaya flowers β€”further dipped in tea tree and peppermint oilβ€” insented the floor of the departure room. The audience was encouraged to venture along the outdoor and indoor spaces available during the length of the audio piece. Returning was optional. 

The audio piece was presented for the first time at the Performance Art Forum in France as part of Dutch Art Institute β€” Kitchen Presentation (reflection of practice) in April 2022. 

Currently showing at Jelena and the Internet Celebrity Cat, CSA Space (Vancouver), 23 September - 30 October 2022.

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