ioana lupascu

artist based in rotterdam
working at the intersection of art
architecture and design

December, 2020

Performer | Truly, Madly, Deeply

Two day movement and audio workshop with Lavinia Xausa, Marta Wörner and Alberto  

October, 2020

Speaker | Placemaking Europe Webinar

Cooperative City in Dialogue discusses which placemaking tools are weather and pandemic proof and how to continue to keep creating better places in spite of this challenge.

September, 2020

Pumpkin picker | De Seizoen Arbeiders

A mix of field research for Seasonal Neighbours and some time away from the city. 

July, 2020

Graduation Trust in Play | Pakhuis

Hear Lily Higgins (w_nder co-creator) and the reset of our cohort speak about our experience designing W_NDER  and being part of Trust in Play.

July, 2020

Film Shoot | W_NDER

Day out to capture the w_nder blankets from above for our teaser film. 

July, 2020

Publication | Trust in Play: W_NDER

The w_nder playbook is out! Riso publication printed at PrintRoom Rotterdam :) 

July, 2020

Event | W_NDER

W_nder: A Game For Times of Social Distancing developed with European School of Urban Game Desing: Trust in Play launches in Rotterdam. 

June, 2020

Student | DAI

Back to school! Masters in Art Praxis and Critical Theory with a focus on queer and feminist theory in the contemporary arts. 

June, 2020

Selected Artist in Residence | CCA

The Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal residency, How to: reward and punish will focus on deconstruction the 'meritocracy' of the architectural award. 

June, 2020

Cover Design | AORA Launch

AORA is a virtual platform that instills a sense of calm and wellbeing through the curated meeting of art, architecture and music.

May, 2020

Artist | Seasonal Neighbours 

Seasonal Neighbours is a long-term research project on seasonal migrant labour and the contemporary rural. 

March, 2020

Co-Facilitator | Urban Playwalks Rotterdam 

Join us on the 14th of March to explore underspecified spaces in Rotterdam centrum ---> Here. * Part of Trust in Play Training

February, 2020

Participant | Grounds for Concern Workshop

Researching the area between the European Union (EU) and North Africa with artist and researcher Jessica El Mal (UK).

February, 2020

Painter | The Performance Bar

Paper, acrylics, pencils and pastels. Live painting during The Performance Bar night in Rotterdam. The pieces were actioned during the night.  

February, 2020

Participant | Zoop Futures Workshop

Zoönomic Futures is an immersive training programme at The New Institute aimed at developing a practical ethics for a society that is no longer human-centric. (Image* Dora Linostone)

February, 2020

Participant | MAMA Gallery Workshop 

Visual Anthropology: Other ways of sensing, thinking and knowing workshop hosted by Galerie de Jaloezie and NeverLand Cinema. What stories does de Witte de With street tell? 

February, 2020

Speaker | Conversas Rotterdam

Wasted Joules as a conversation starter for alternative economies. Hosted by Conversas at RIB Space in Rotterdam. Design booklet: Humana Studio

February, 2020

Joined Time Window Artist Collective

What is Time Window?  Community-in-residence currently housing 50 artists from various disciplines. Motto: Do it yourself but not alone. 

January, 2020

Architectural Designer | Walala Mansion

As part of Walala Studio I worked on the 3D modelling of the 13m high inflatable. The project was commissioned by Design District HK and located in Victoria Park for the duration of the festival. 

January, 2020

Co-Facilitator | Urban Playwalks Rotterdam 

Playwalk & Tactical Urbanism Workshop: Using Light as a Tool for Urban Intervention designed in collaboration with Lily Higgins, hosted by STIPO for Placemakers Europe event.

January, 2020

Interior Design | Walala x LEGO 

The House of Dots has all the hallmarks of a regular home – a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom – spreads out over a two-story complex of eight containers in London's Coal Drops Yard.

December, 2019

Relocation | Rotterdam 

Hola new city with the evident challenges! After five years in London I have decided to move to Rotterdam to further focus on my personal work. Let's grab a coffee!

November, 2019

Shortlisted | Strelka: The Terraforming 

Aiming at the cold land intellectualism. Selected to be interviewed for the hyper-competitive Strelka postgraduate programme exploring the future of cities. 

October, 2019

Independent Trainee | Trust in Play

Off to Athens to hang out with a bunch of players at Trust in Play:The European School of Urban Game Design. Exploring the concept of trust in the city and how we play with our environments. 

September, 2019

Exhibition Design | MOTY LDF 

Material of the Year: Biomaterials, Second Yield exhibition focused on wasted based materials and their positive contribution to design and the environment. 

September, 2019

Artist | Wasted Joules, LDF 

The anti-collection was launched at London Design Fair along with a series of workshops and honest conversations about the role designers should play in the environmental crisis.

September, 2019

Urban Furniture Design | Walala Lounge 

Furniture designer for Walala Studio. The open-air living room project on South Molton Street London extends for 200m and included 11 individually designed benches. 

September, 2019

Artist | QTAC

Proprieties of Knots and Salt, new artwork for upcoming QTAC group exhibition at Sutton House in London. 

August, 2019

Artist | QTAC

Selected as one of six artists to create a new body of work for QTAC exhibition on queer art. Collaborators respond directly to existing artwork made by students of the organisation.

August, 2019

Student | TNC

Scholarship recipients of Architecture After the Internet seminar part of the Transdisciplinary Research & Practice program at The New Center.

June, 2019

Material Design | MaDe

Selected as one of twenty designers to join MaDe workshop in Barcelona! Project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme and partnered by cultural institutions, Elisava, Ma-tt-er and Politecnico di Milano.  

May, 2019

Exhibition Design | D&AD Awards

Collaboration with design studio Praline for the D&AD Festival 2019, New Blood Awards and Night Shift Exhibition at Truman Brewery.

April, 2019

Solo Exhibition | Untold stories 

The content of my bedroom studio migrated into the informal setting of Playground London. These so far ‘Untold stories’ are an intimate portrait of my fondness for visual composition. 

March, 2019

Exhibition Design | The Bathroom Gallery

A new addition to the London Design Fair 2019, The Bathroom Gallery, will be a bespoke exhibition for world-leading bathroom brands in partnership with ELLE Decoration UK.

August, 2018

Photography | 180 Creative Camp

After the 180 workshop I put together a small publication to celebrated the architectural details of Abrantes Portugal.

July, 2018

Participant | 180 Creative Camp

In a small midland town in Portugal called Abrantes, canal 180 brought together a bunch of creatives to have fun and lean from each other.  

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